“BuddyMite, your student CRM for leveraging the power of Peer to Peer connections, is a powerful way to leverage your current students to “sell” your school/program. We all know students apply to multiple schools and usually the schools that get a new student to enroll are the schools that the student had some relationship with – typically through the recruitment process.

Peer Relationship

There is no more effective way to “sell” your school than with a peer relationship. A current student paired with your prospective student can double and sometimes triple the probability of that new student enrolling.

BuddyMite Helps

Some schools may be more worried or concerned that prospective students really understand the culture and general life in a day of current students. BuddyMite can help here as well in marrying up prospective students with your current students.This learning process can reduce the likelihood of new students down the road dropping out or transferring elsewhere.

Student Motivation

The students motivation to help can be altruistic but usually some kind of success fee can make a big difference in getting participation. There are many different ways for institutions to compensate students for getting a new student to enroll – tuition or meal credits, one time cash payment, etc. All of that process can be managed in BuddyMite.

Indispensable Tool

BuddyMite is your indispensable new student marketing and CRM management solution.

Engage with and Convert more to admitted students today with BuddyMite